With almost 10 years of technology-based brand activations under our belt, AppDelegates has seen a few things. We’ve seen simple activations yield huge results, and we’ve seen huge developments yield nearly no results.

And we’ve paid attention to what works consistently – and what doesn’t.

We’re not easily swayed by the “hot new technology”. If a technology does not enhance the brand activation experience, it is just added cost. Sure, go ahead and spend $350k on a custom VR brand experience just to watch 10 people line up to try it. We see it all the time. It’s why we don’t do that kind of work.

What we do embrace are the activations that keep fans coming back, night after night, game after game. And these are the products we sell, ones that are cost-effective and deliver for you or your client.


Mitch is one of the founders of AppDelegates and has more than 25 years technology development and marketing experience. He is responsible for business development and marketing as well as software development.

Mitch spends his spare time writing even more code, usually with glass of wine in his hand.

Scott developed his first application over 20 years ago for IBM’s PC Company. Since then he’s held both technical and non-technical positions leading development and delivery of complex systems and systems’ software.

Prior to co-founding AppDelegates he was the lead architect for several digital signage systems.

Scott matheson

AppDelegates History

AppDelegates (“App-D” for short) was founded in 2010 aimed at mobile applications. We quickly expanded into full stack development on a variety of platforms. Nearly all of our work has been in the event marketing space. We have delivered over 60 apps to a variety of top tier companies including AT&T, Google, Visa, Nissan, Toyota, Kellogg’s, Conde Nast, Macy’s and many more.

Stuff We Know

  • iOS Development using both Swift, Objective-C and a variety of hybrid technologies
  • Android Development using Kotlin, Java, NDK and hybrid
  • Content Management Systems using our own NodeJS based microservers.
  • Web Development using Angular 1, Angular 4+/Typescipt, Vue, Phaser, Babylon and a variety of other frameworks.
  • PC/Mac Development using Electron and other similar frameworks
  • Fault tolerant networking for event applications. You know, like when you expect a solid network at the event and don’t get one.
  • Languages: Whatever we need to get the job done and that includes – C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, PHP,  Typescript…do we need to keep going? 🙂

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